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    Welcome to Adirondack Teleworks. The mission of this website is to help people find work at home jobs that can be done here, in the Adirondack Region. We also list localized site specific jobs to help local employers.

    Now you too can live and work in the Adirondack Region.

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    Bill Murphy, Director

     Adirondack Telework’s is pleased to announce that Frontier Communications is receiving additional grants that will allow the company to continue the fiber optic build-out in Hamilton County. Stay tuned for additional details throughout the Spring of 2017.

    For more info go to  www.indian-lake.com

    Each month 40,000 new internet based jobs are created in the United States. Bringing even a small portion of these jobs to the Adirondack Region will invigorate and grow our local economies. Thanks to the efforts of service  providers like Frontier  and  SLIC  high  speed  internet  service  is  now  a reality here in the Adirondack Region.