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      • Adirondack Teleworks Update- 10-22-2014

        Adirondack Teleworks recently surpassed the 1,000 registered Users plateau. This is an outstanding accomplishment.

        We currently have over 600 links to Teleworking positions available. These jobs range from a variety of categories. The jobs are audited and verified as often as possible.

        AT has started its Application Specific Digital Literacy Training Class in Indian Lake. It has made great progress and we will work toward continued success. If you would like to know how to attend one of these training classes, contact us @

        We will look at hosting a spring training session at a different location in the county. We will likely hold the class wherever the highest number of participants is located.

        We are currently awaiting word on our Consolidated Funding Application for the upcoming year. This award would allow us to begin a more regional approach.

        AT has redesigned our website to meet the needs of both job seekers and employers. We have also continued to work on making it as user friendly and informative as possible.

        Thank You for not only your continued support but your patience with project updates. If anyone has any further questions, or would like additional details, please contact us at

    1. I apologize for not having any updates to this point. We are currently working to update the website,blog, social media, and other forms of communication. I have discussed a partnership with students from Wells to work with the blog as part of a school project. One again I apologize for the lack of updates and want to thank everyone for being patient. I do not have a definitive date, but will do my best to get the ball rolling. Thank You!

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